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Extensive education investment is the basic method of controlling brain drain

Brain drain is the process as well as the practice where people move from one country to another in such of employment. When people have the right education of the right levels; there are high chances of them moving from their country to fill those positions requiring such qualifications. For example, most of the well-educated and well-trained nurses in Kenya have been moving from their countries to other countries where nurses are of high demand. Thanks to proper education investment by government and on-governmental organizations this movement has been achieved.


How can brain drain be stopped by use of education investment

In order to ensure that educated lot from other countries are kept in check, the best way is basically setting up strategies as well as resources and ensuring that the quality of education is in accordance with the international standards. Producing a group of educated individuals is the basis of stopping or controlling brain drain. Sometimes, it might be difficult for individuals to gain access to education but it is possible through government funding. When the government of the day funds an education investment agency, then it means that more and more individuals will be in a good position to get the right education. That will certainly stop influx of educated individuals from seeking employment within a country.


Secondly, people who move from their countries to another to look for further chances of continuing their education can be considered a source of brain drain as well. In order to avoid this, the government of the day as well as the donors need to fund education in such a way that the levels of education can be heighted. In other words it is through investing in education that we can be able to finance those in need of education to the highest level possible. That will help avoid the need for people to move outside the country in search of further education.


Thirdly, through proper education investment the quality of education will be improved both in short and in the long run. When quality education is being offered in a certain country, then it means that people will be satisfied with what they have. That move would stop the need to move from ones county to another in search of quality education. That will eventually stop the menace of brain drain


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