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Consider Incorporating Relevant and Reliable Stakeholders in your Education Investment Business

If you have decided to throw yourself into the field of education Investment, it is very crucial to make sure that you bring in the best, the relevant and the most reliable stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders? If you have never sat down to think about these individuals, it is now the right time to do so. Stakeholders are those individuals, parties or even a group of people that contribute to the development, growth and even sustenance of an educational investment. Now, who are the right stakeholders that you need to bring in as far as your education investment business is concerned?

The right stakeholders for your education Investment

The ministry of education/ government

This is the first stakeholder that fall at the top of your list of stakeholders. The government and its ministry that has been assigned to deal with education oversight should be your priority stakeholder. There are two main reasons why this stakeholder is very important. The ministry of education is the one and only agency that will be responsible for licensing your business. As soon as you have decided to invest in education service, you will be required by law to register and be awarded a certificate of operation. There is no other body that will be tasked with offering such a services except the government through the ministry of education.

Secondly, the ministry of education is an important stakeholder because you need to get guide and even a breakdown of the stipulated curricula. As soon as you start an education investment business, you will be required to be well conversant as well as aware of the system of education and the curriculum as well.

The learners and the financiers/guardians

As soon as you decide to open your own educational service center, it is important to consider the fact you need learners in your institution. Since learners may not finance themselves, you will also need to bring in guardians and parents as your stakeholders. They are very important as far as the list of stakeholders is concerned given the fact that they are the ones financing the education services you are offering to your clients/learners.

The board of directors and staff

Your education investment may not run towards its set goals if there are no decision makers and if there are no employees to deliver services to your clients. So, they also fall in the list of priority stakeholders.

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